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This is a combined show with the band The British Invasion. For more information on their band, please click here.

Stay tuned to this page for more information and show dates and times.

Don’t miss this opportunity to bring a very exciting, engaging event to your venue.  The bands THE BRITISH INVASION and AFTERMATH, are teaming up to create an unforgettable concert experience featuring the great 1960s music from both sides of the Atlantic.  THE BRITISH INVASION presents the great music coming from England, and AFTERMATH will play songs of American bands of the period.  Both acts will not only play great music in a period-correct manner, but also dress accurately for the era adding the visual to the auditory experience.  You not only hear the 1960s, but see them, too.  Both bands are veterans of concert stages throughout the state, region and beyond, and both have been performing for many years to the delight of their audiences.   

In addition to great music of the 1960s, here are some other reasons to book this show.

        • Unlike most tribute acts that focus on a particular band/entertainer, both bands do a tribute to an era of music, playing songs by many different bands, and thereby broadening their ability to please the audience.  You will only hear hits, with no “filler”, and listeners will be singing along to every song.
        • Both bands will use the same stage set-up, including amplifiers, drums, microphones, etc. so there is no “dead time” while the stage set is changed.
        • Both bands do a very “family-friendly” show, suitable for all ages.  While the music is generational our audiences are multi-generational.

You can see both AFTERMATH and THE BRITISH INVASION both on their websites and on Facebook.



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Representing The British Invasion – The Ultimate Tribute to 60’s British Rock

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